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Tackle Trent Williams wants out of Washington. - zhangzk - 30.11.2019

Washington coach Jay Gruden remains optimistic that Williams eventually will show up.Gruden told reporters on Saturday that he is “still optimistic Sean Taylor Jersey , very optimistic” about Williams ending his holdout.It’s widely believed that the absence isn’t about money, but about the player’s unhappiness with the manner in which team medical personnel handled the tumor on his head. It’s also widely believed that Williams wants to be traded. Gruden don’t see it happening.“I would seriously doubt that,” Gruden said.Gruden doesn’t know what it would take to persuade Williams to return.“I do not have an understanding on what it would take to get him back here,” Gruden said. “If I did, he’d be back here.”Washington reportedly plans to wait Williams out, hopeful that a mountain of fines eventually will get him to cave. PFT has reported that Williams simply doesn’t care about the fines. Washington head coach Jay Gruden has been talking about missing left tackle Trent Williams for months and he’s run out of things to say now that it is time to play without him.While Gruden said last week that he feels “very strongly” that Williams won’t be traded and Washington team president Bruce Allen continues to say that Williams will play for the team, Gruden essentially threw his hands up in the air when asked about the chance of getting the veteran tackle back in the lineup on Monday.“I have no expectation whatsoever anymore Chase Roullier Jersey ,” Gruden said, via ESPN.com. “I’m kind of numb to the fact, so I’m going to coach the guys we have. That’s all we can do right now and . . . to your answer, no, I don’t have any feeling whatsoever.”Donald Penn is set to start against the Eagles at left tackle this week and will likely continue in that role indefinitely as neither the team nor Williams shows any sign of budging from the positions that have kept them apart this year.