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Biografie: Small Packing Garlic
There Are 3p/4p/5p/6p/450g/500g/750g/900g/1kg Bag Packed In 10kg Carton Or Mesh Bag&Size 4.0cm- 4.5cm 5.0cm 5.5cm 6.0cm And So On
About us:
Jinxiang Victorious Fruit and Vegetable Trade CO.,LTD., founded in 2010, is a world-wide fruits and vegetables supplier in China. After 7 years'growth, we have set up a perfect management system of production and exporting and become a leading company in manufacture and export of garlic, onion, fruits, vegetables and dehydrated garlic and so on.
1.Why Use a Small Package?
Small Package Of Goods In Transit More Secure, And Will Help Customers Receive The Goods After The Sale, Suitable For Sales In The Supermarket And The Vegetable Market, More Beautiful And Convenient. According To The Customer's Sales Area And Consumer Buying Needs, You Can Choose a Variety Of Specifications Of The Package.
2.Small Package Delivery Time?
We Guarantee To Arrange The Production Immediately Upon Receipt Of The Payment, Transport To The Destination Within The Shortest Possible Time And Reduce The Waiting Time For The Client.
We welcome friends all over the world to come to visit and cooperate with us!Contact us now!buy Garlic
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