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Biografie: Shenzhen Charm Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for PVC/silicone/plastic/metal crafts and souvenirs, meanwhile produce various garment accessories for customers, also sourcing all kinds of promotional gifts like Mugs, Apparel, Bags, Writing, Stationery, office, Award, Electronic gifts, ect as customer' s request..
The factory established in 1998 with move over 15 years’ valuable experience not only in production but also in the market, cover an area more than 3000 square meters in Longgang Shenzhen, is a one-stop manufacturer about designing, molding, production, coloring, printing, inspection, package and delivery. We have designers and engineers with more than 15 years experiences, employed top-skilled workers, which make us can control the quality strict ly for our customers step by step.
We ever cooperated with many well-know companies and famous brands, like Cross ( USA), NICI (Germany), Disney (Japan), Bandai (Japan), etc. We eaxctly understand what the customer needs and what we should supply, it is very easy to work with us!
We focused on creating win-win relationship with customers, we sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to contact us for mutual development and benefits!
If you are looking for a long partner that do business more easily and safty, then we should be your the best choice!Customed Chocolate Mould
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